Wee uses eslint and stylelint to lint files during the build process.


Wee's eslint config, .eslintrc.js, extends the Airbnb JavaScript Styleguide and the Vue Recommended with a few modifications to the ruleset to fit our needs at Lewis Communications:

rules: {
    strict: 0,
    indent: ['error', 4],
    'eol-last': 0,
    'no-plusplus': 0,
    'prefer-template': 0,
    'import/prefer-default-export': 0,
    'space-unary-ops': 0,
    'newline-per-chained-call': 0,
    radix: 0,
    'import/no-dynamic-require': 0,
    'no-param-reassign': [
            ignorePropertyModificationsFor: [
    'vue/html-indent': ['error', 4],


Wee's stylelint config, .stylelintrc.js extends the Config Standard and uses the Stylelint Order plugin with a few modifications:

rules: {
    'order/properties-alphabetical-order': true,
    'at-rule-no-unknown': null,
    'no-eol-whitespace': null,
    indentation: 4,
    'number-leading-zero': null,
    'at-rule-no-vendor-prefix': true,
    'media-feature-name-no-vendor-prefix': true,
    'property-no-vendor-prefix': true,
    'selector-no-vendor-prefix': true,
    'value-no-vendor-prefix': true,
    'string-quotes': 'single',
    'at-rule-name-case': null,


If necessary, you can add any files or patterns to the .stylelintignore file to be ignored by stylelint